The founding committee of the Club duly elected on Tuesday 22nd August 1911 were as follows –

President – J.H Bunting

Hon Vice-President – Lord Kesteven

Vice-Presidents – J.W Gleed, H.S Maples, W.S Royce and E.M.E Welby

Chairman – A.K Maples

Treasurer – G. Jarvis

Secretary – G.F Clifton

Committee Members – R. Mackman, Geo. Goodwin, E.H Andrew, A.V Seymour, C.M Allenson, H.L Enderby, E.I.R Stapleton, C.D Waite, S.W Peake, F. Sly, F. Johnson and Henry Ashwell


The Committee as of the 1st May 2017 are as follows –


President – R. Digby

Vice-Presidents – N. English,  D. Turner, J. Green, W. Parker, B Tyrie

Chairman – S McMonigle

Secretary – Mrs Jean Bradshaw

Committee Members – D. Ingle,  D. Tyrie, S. Bashall,
G Bradshaw, B Page, T Digby

Club Stewards – D & F Morgan